Last week over a dozen residents contacted me raising their concerns about probable closure of Charlton Boulevard for car traffic towards Hayes Way, as the bus stops were being built on both sides. I can now confirm that none of the construction work in and around Charlton Boulevard is aimed at closure of car traffic towards Hayes Way. In fact, it is in relation to the necessary remediation of the roads which needs to take place ahead of the roads being formally adopted by the Council, which is a fantastic news for all of us in Charlton & Cribbs.

Credit: Charlton Boulevard campaign

We have worked with South Gloucestershire Council to obtain assurances that Bus Gates will not go ahead without consultation.

The proposed Bus Gate would need to be subjected to statutory process where residents are consulted. SGC officers have spoken with Bovis today and they have assured me that any activity currently underway at Charlton Boulevard is in relation to the necessary remediation of the roads which needs to take place ahead of the roads being formally adopted by the Council.

Cllr. Sanjay Shambhu

In response to our petition to South Gloucestershire Council, concerned officer wrote to me on July 9th 2018 confirming below:

  • The TRO process:The process of introducing any TRO requires following a legislative procedure as well following the Council’s standard processes of consultation.  These procedures include posting of Notices on street for a period of time, communication with local property owners and local Members, information on the consultation web pages and provision of the information at the local One Stop Shop offices and Library.  The Notice invites comment on the proposal culminating in a final report position where a decision can be made either to introduce the TRO or not.
  • The Bus Gate TRO: As mentioned above Bovis have an obligation embedded in their planning agreement to provide a bus gate.  To do complete this obligation they must fund the processes to advertise the TRO for the bus gate following the process identified above.    
  • There is no current timetable for this to happen imminently, it is intended that the consultation will occur only once the road infrastructure within the development has been completed and is open to all traffic.  As a resident, along with your fellow petitioners, you will receive and be made aware of the consultation when it commences through the process outlined above (Consultation communication; on-street Notices; Consultation Web-Page etc.).

Jo Buddharaju, Brian Hopkinson and I are committed to work towards scraping the bus gate completely.