Sanjay Shambhu

Councillor – Charlton & Cribbs

Your  voice on South Gloucestershire  Council

Community Work Funding

As a local authority councillor, I am able to sponsor community intiatives. Please get in touch, if you need some money to kick-off your community project.

Local Campaigns

Sanjay leads many local campaigns to help Charlton & Cribbs residents e.g. Charlton Hayes parish, keep Charlton Boulevard open, road resurfacing and road adoption. Please join us.

On Your Side

Caring & Campaigning for Charlton Hayes, Patchway & Cribbs Causeway.

Sanjay and team organise regular street clean up days in our local areas. Some of these initiatives are part of South West England Clean up campaign. Join us in a fun filled community event.

We have organised many clean up events in Patchway

Cleaup events in Charlton Hayes

Cleanup events in Cribbs Causeway and Airfield

Litter pickers, hoops, bin bag and garbage collections are organised with South Gloucestershire Council

Charlton Hayes

Charlton Hayes is a new build development located north of the Filton Airfield based on the earstwhile Charlton village.


Patchway is a Town Council with over  5,000 residents. It also covers some of the major business areas e.g. Aztec West and Rolls Royce.

Cribbs Causeway

Cribbs Causeway is the home of SW biggest shopping mall. Areas south east of the shopping mall make the residential belt.

South Gloucestershire

South Gloucesterhire is a unitary council responsbile for district as well as county authority functions.

What do I do as your local authority Councillor?

My role centres around community leadership and engagement. And making Charlton Hayes, Patchway and Cribbs Causeway better place to live and work.

Representing Charlton & Cribbs residents and businesses

Representing Charlton Hayes, Patchway, Cribbs Causeway, Brabazon, Filton Airfield residents and businesses.

Helping my constituents

Helping my constituents on local issues related to South Gloucestershire Council.

Decision-making and legal duties

Developing and reviewing council plans and policies. Regulatory, quasi-judicial and statutory duties.


Scrutinising decisions taken by the councillors on the executive or cabinet.

Working with Councillors and MP

Working with other councillors and our local MP Jack Lopresti MP on residents’ concerns.

About Me

Sanjay lives in Charlton Hayes with his wife and two children. He represents Charlton & Cribbs constituent ward on the South Gloucestershire unitary council. Sanjay is an ardent supporter of local residents, and he takes up regular case work on issues related to nearly everything in Charlton Hayes, Patchway and Cribbs Causeway, Filton Airfield and Brabazon.

He has been a local campaigner for Charlton Hayes, Patchway and Cribbs Causeway since 2017. And he has secured many campaign wins for local residents e.g. road re-surfacing, rat run prevention in Passage Road, street bins in Charlton Hayes and Patchway library opening hour extension. Sanjay is campaigning to keep Charlton Boulevard open, setting up a parish for Charlton Hayes, new traffic signal on Lysander Road, early adoption of roads in Charlton Hayes and more road resurfacing in Patchway.


  • Governor: Charlton Wood Primary Academy
  • Vice Chair: South Gloucestershire Council
  • Member: Scrutiny Commission
  • National Chairman: Conservative BAME Forum
  • Deputy Chair: Bristol & Gloucestershire Conservatives

Sanjay is a passionate Conservative since his university days at Oxford, where he was a member of the Oxford Union, and graduated with distinction. He can be contacted via email at sanjay [AT] or on the telephone by calling: 07 596 338122.


Love thy neighbour

Me and my husband have known Sanjay for around 6 years when we first moved in our home and from the moment we first met Sanjay and his family we knew there was something special about him . Nothing was too much trouble he was always happy to help from just a bit of advice […]

I will be happy to put my X next to Sanjay name in May.

I am writing in support of our friend and neighbour, electoral candidate Sanjay Shambhu. Since moving in to our new homes in Charlton Hayes in October 2013 Sanjay has been instrumental in establishing our Neighbourhood Watch scheme and setting up and running our area clean-up squad, including recruiting volunteers and taking part himself which inspires […]

Need Help With A Case Work. Discuss an Idea. Help With a Campaign.

Make Charlton & Cribbs A Better Place to Live & Work.

Sanjay and team host a monthly surgery for Charlton & Cribbs residents. You can request a virtual or a face to face meeting. This can be about a local concern or a case work, or some issue you are facing where Sanjay may be able to assist.

We are  looking for volunteers to join many campaigns we run throughout the year. Our most recent campaign was Covid-19 Charlton & Cribbs support, which was joined by over 80 local residents serving our fantastic community and beyond.

You have great idea to improve Charlton Hayes, Patchway, Cribbs Causeway, Brabazon or Filton Airfied, and need some support. You have Sanjay on your side!

Your local councillor on the South Gloucestershire Council representing Charlton Hayes, Cribbs Causeway, Patchway, Brabazon and Filton Airfield.

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Support Sanjay

Sanjay works tirelessly for his constituents and the Conservative Party. Please support his election campaign with a small donation.