We are pleased to welcome much needed investments in Charlton & Cribbs by Conservatives led South Gloucestershire Council. Some of the main highlights for our area and surroundings are:

  1. In Charlton Hayes, Cribbs Causeway and Patchway, around £190,000 will be spent resurfacing roads, including Hawthorn Close, Cavendish Road and the A4018.
  2. A waiting restriction review in Charlton leaze/New Chalton Way and Catbrain Lane in Cribbs Causeway.
  3. Bridge safety works to replace the parapet on Coniston Road Subway in Patchway.
  4. In Filton, more than £250,000 will be spent resurfacing roads, including Woodside Road and Blenheim Drive.
  5. Passage Road, Cribbs Causeway rat-run consultation.
  6. A bus stop on the Hayes Way.

Conservative Campaigner Sanjay Shambhu, who is standing for election in the Charlton and Cribbs ward, said: “A few months ago we launched a campaign for the Council to resurface a number of roads in Patchway, and we are pleased that Hawthorn Close has been included in this list. This follows the recent resurfacing of Willow Close and parts of Sycamore Drive, with Cavenish Road also on the list to be done. The budget has also responded positively to Passage Road petitions submitted by us to prevent rat-running.

“It is fantastic to be able to work with a Council that listens. We have made the argument that these roads need immediate attention, backed up by support from our community, and something has been done.”

South Gloucestershire’s local roads are set to benefit from an £11million resurfacing programme over the coming six years, as part of a record £35million investment into roads by Conservatives. 

Brian Hopkinson, Sanjay Shambhu and Jo Buddharaju welcome review funding for waiting restrictions in Catbrain, Cribbs Causeway.

The investment into estate roads consists of £2.5million over the coming year, and a further £1.7million being spent in each of the subsequent five years.

The full list of works can be found by visiting…

Following the announcement, Cllr Colin Hunt, Cabinet Member for Planning, Transport and Strategic Environment, said: “I am delighted by the comprehensive package we are delivering in the first year of this programme. “As an authority with areas both in rural and suburban settings, it is our duty to make sure that all of our communities are taken care of, particularly our local residential roads which are getting a tremendous £2.5million boost. I look forward to working with officers to ensure the £8.5million being spent over the following five years are put to the best possible use.”