The South West Conservative Team in Charlton & Cribbs.

Today, Saturday 9, 2019 the Charlton & Cribbs Conservatives team took part in Big Spring Cleanup supported by South Gloucestershire Council leader Toby Savage and colleagues from across the South West England.

We targeted Sycamore Drive, Cedar Close, Fir Tree Close, Larch Way, Birch Close, Bay Tree Close, Willow Close and surroundings areas in Patchway. As well as Charlton Boulevard, Hammond Road, Oak Leaze, Over Drive, Wood Street, Chessell Drive, Borkley Road, and surroundings streets in Charlton Hayes. The team collected over 10 bags of rubbish. We will be continuing this with our next spring clean up coming up in April next month. Please get in touch if you want to get involved.

The team involved included Peter Booth (South West Conservative Chair), Cllr Jon Hunt (SGC deputy leader), Sanjay Shambhu, Jo Buddhraju, Cllr Brian Hopkinson, Simon Juup, Nicholas Bowman, Anil Mishra, Nick, Prasana Ramarathanam, Varagani Venkataramana (Ramana), Venkat Vadlamudi, Robert Graham and several local residents.

The campaign was organised as part of broader initiative by South Gloucestershire Council ‘2019 Spring Clean’. The local organiser Sanjay Shambhu said, “I am very thankful for the team coming out and helping. We will continue to push South Gloucestershire Council to tackle litter in our public areas. In the meantime we will be holding regular litter pick for anyone who wishes to join.”

This year’s campaign will run between Monday 11 February and Friday 10 May when South Gloucestershire Council invite local groups, individuals, schools or town councils to hold a litter pick of a targeted area in their community.