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Love thy neighbour

Me and my husband have known Sanjay for around 6 years when we first moved in our home and from the moment we first met Sanjay and his family we knew there was something special about him . Nothing was too much trouble he was always happy to help from just a bit of advice right to asking us as he was mowing his grass if we want ours done . I feel Sanjay really cares about our community and the bringing together other neighbours to be like it use to be! , he always says hello when we see him and I believe he’s trying to bring back the old saying “love thy neighbour!” . I love that he’s got the community together doing litter picking which my daughter really enjoys . It’s so amazing having a gentleman like Sanjay around who really cares about us all and where we live . He truly is a remarkable man .

Antoinette Walker
Local resident

I will be happy to put my X next to Sanjay name in May.

I am writing in support of our friend and neighbour, electoral candidate Sanjay Shambhu.
Since moving in to our new homes in Charlton Hayes in October 2013 Sanjay has been instrumental in establishing our Neighbourhood Watch scheme and setting up and running our area clean-up squad, including recruiting volunteers and taking part himself which inspires others.
He has also been working tirelessly for all the residents who will be affected adversely by the proposed bus route through Charlton Hayes which will effectively cut off direct access to our homes.
He is also, on a personal level, a very good friend. I don’t know where he gets his energy from, especially alongside his family commitments too.
I will be happy to put my X next to his name in May.

Julie Whalley
Charlton Hayes resident

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