Sanjay leads several campaigns throughout the year. Please join and make a difference to our country and community!

❝Keep Charlton Boulevard Open

Our goal is to persuade the South Gloucestershire Council to stop converting the Charlton Boulevard entrance into a bus only entrance. And to add a yellow box junction on the Concorde roundabout. 

Campaign website:

Status: In progress. South Gloucestershire Council have allocated necessary funds to review different options.


❝Road Resurfacing – Patchway and Cribbs Causeway

Sanjay has successfully campaigned for many road surfacing across Patchway and Cribbs Causeway.

Status: Ongoing

❝Charlton Hayes Parish

We are campaiging to form a new parish for Chalrton Hayes and the Filton Airfield. 

Campaign website: 

Status: In progress. Petition has been submitted.

❝Road Adoption – Cribbs Causeway

Sanjay and team have campaiged for adoption of roads at Medlar Close and surrounding by the South Gloucestershire Council.

Status: Nearing completion. Persimmon and South Gloucstershire Council are conducting infrastructure review.

❝Road Adoption – Charlton Hayes

Sanjay and team are campaigning for adoption of all roads at Charlton Hayes by the South Gloucestershire Council.

Status: Hayes Way complete, Oak Leaze and Boulevard are planned next.

❝Street Cleanup

Sanjay and team runs a monthly street cleanup in Charlton Hayes and Patchway. Please drop us a note if you would like to join us.

Status: Ongoing


❝Bovis Self Heal

Sanjay and team have successfully campaigned to force Bovis / Vistry to publish a fault report on a weekly basis and fix those faults..

Status: Complete, supervision required

Love thy neighbour

Me and my husband have known Sanjay for around 6 years when we first moved in our home and from the moment we first met Sanjay and his family we knew there was something special about him . Nothing was too much trouble he was always happy to help from just a bit of advice […]

I will be happy to put my X next to Sanjay name in May.

I am writing in support of our friend and neighbour, electoral candidate Sanjay Shambhu. Since moving in to our new homes in Charlton Hayes in October 2013 Sanjay has been instrumental in establishing our Neighbourhood Watch scheme and setting up and running our area clean-up squad, including recruiting volunteers and taking part himself which inspires […]

You have a local issues, or you want to support Sanjay's campaign for better Charlton Hayes, Patchway and Cribbs Causeway. Please get in touch!

Your local councillor on the South Gloucestershire Council representing Charlton Hayes, Cribbs Causeway, Patchway, Brabazon and Filton Airfield.

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