With only two days to go before public consultation on proposals to create a brand new parish for Charlton Hayes closes, local Conservatives have unveiled what the future could look like for the growing community.

The campaign to create a new parish for Charlton Hayes, started by local Councillors Jo Buddharaju, Brian Hopkinson, and Sanjay Shambhu has received a great deal of local support since it started, with hundreds of residents recently signing a petition to back the proposals. As a result of this campaign, South Gloucestershire Council have been running a formal consultation on the creation of a new Parish for Charlton Hayes, which closes on Friday. It isn’t too late to have your say and you can show your support by visiting https://consultations.southglos.gov.uk/CharltonHayes/consultationHome.

The case for the proposed Charlton Hayes Parish was evident from the successful creation of the nearby Stoke Lodge Parish in 2015 who immediately saw the precept they were expected to pay cut by more than £60 a year – a reduction of 36%.

Since, the campaign is nearing its final stage, it is important that residents understand what the financial difference could look like in terms of Council Tax and we as your local Conservative representatives believe the precept currently paid to Patchway Town Council could be reduced by as much as 70% for the average household (Band D) from £186 a year to £52 and would be frozen at £58.50 for the following two years. This would be a significant saving for every household within the boundary of the new parish, not least because Patchway Town Council currently providing no services to Charlton Hayes residents.

Some key points for residents of the suggested budget include:

  1. A significant reduction in the Parish Precept to minimise the financial burden in these difficult times with a reduction of more than 70%.
  2. The employment of a part-time Parish Clerk and a full-time litter picker has been budgeted for to ensure that public space is kept tidy.
  3. Funding to allow for contributions to local projects and services: £12,000 has been earmarked in the first year and £15,000 in each of the following two, which could support local community initiatives such as Christmas lights and youth service provision.

The proposed budget aims to deliver value for money and not waste taxpayers’ money. It is based on 1,833 dwellings in the proposed boundary area, as per the tax base put forward to the South Gloucestershire Council Cabinet meeting on December 13, 2021.

Cllrs Jo Buddharaju, Brian Hopkinson, and Sanjay Shambhu said:

“We started this campaign three years ago to ensure Charlton Hayes residents get value for money without being charged twice and are delighted to be able to demonstrate how a potential new parish could have positive outcomes for residents. With a massive 70% reduction in how much they would pay for the services they receive compared to the hefty charge from Patchway Town Council, it would still enable us to make sure residents see results, keep our community tidy and focus on local matters.”

Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: As a Charlton Hayes resident, will I be able to make use of the Patchway Library?

Answer: Patchway Library is South Gloucestershire Council service provision. Cllr Buddharaju, Hopkinson, and Shambhu led a successful campaign to increase the opening hours of Patchway Library. This resulted in the installation of new card operated door. Every resident in South Gloucestershire Council is welcome to every library.

Question 2: I live in Charlton Hayes and make use of Coniston GP practice, am I affected?

Answer: No, GP provisions are serviced by NHS England.

Question 3: I live in Charlton Hayes, will I still be able to make use of Patchway Community Centre?

Answer: Charlton Hayes has indirectly contributed nearly £2 million to refurbish Patchway Community Centre. It is open to all residents in South Gloucestershire.

Question 4: I live in Callicroft, Hazeldene, Southsea, or Ashford Road, am I part of the proposed parish?

Answer: No

Question 5: I live in Northfield, am I part of the proposed parish?

Answer: We are campaigning to include Northfield in the proposed parish. Please do submit your support via this link: https://consultations.southglos.gov.uk/CharltonHayes/consultationHome.

Question 6: I live in Brabazon Phase One, am I part of the proposed parish?

Answer: Yes

Question 7: I live in Patchway, will I be able to make use of new amenities coming up in the Airfield and Charlton Hayes e.g. GP surgery, parks, schools etc.

Answer: Yes

Question 8: Currently, I have the right to be buried in the Almondsbury Cemetery, will this be affected?

Answer: The Charlton & Cribbs Conservatives group proposes to continue to make contributions to Almondsbury Cemetery and preserve these rights for local residents. The budget is proposed under services & community groups.