I clicked this poppy picture in summer at Charlton Hayes while on a walk. This month, I volunteered with the Royal British Legion local branch during the poppy appeal. On Remembrance Sunday, I attended Thornbury Church and laid a wreath on behalf of South Glucestershire Council. #LestWeForget.

Please see below an update on local issues related to Charlton Hayes, Patchway and Cribbs causeway. If you need support on a matter of concern then please get in touch via email or via the contact form on my website (https://sanjayshambhu.com/contact/).

Gorse Covert Nature Reserve and Scott’s Park investments – Patchway

We are pleased to welcome investments set to be made by South Gloucestershire Council into communities as below:

  • £26,427.93 to South Gloucestershire Council fund improvements and the management plan at the Gorse Covert Local Nature Reserve and to fund tree planting across Charlton Hayes and Patchway
  • 12,622.17 to Patchway Town Council to fund the construction of a tarmac court for older adult sport at Scott Park

Cllrs Jo Buddharaju, Brian Hopkinson and Sanjay Shambhu, who represent the Charlton and Cribbs ward, said:

“It is fantastic to see the South Gloucestershire Council looking to invest money to enhance biodiversity at the Gorse Covert Local Nature Reserve which will protect it from the impacts of climate change and make it more of an attractive place for people in our community to enjoy. This combined with the funding to plant more trees across Charlton Hayes and Patchway will help to make the area greener, supporting our Climate Emergency goals and help to support a positive natural image for the area.”

Borkley Street Traffic Calming

We are pleased to confirm that South Gloucestershire Council have agreed to employ speed tracking devices at Borkley Street. This is under the programme of interactive speed warning signs, which includes some equipment to collect data on vehicle speeds. SGC have added Borkley Road to the schedule of Speed Data Capture Boxes for deployment in November. The data will be analysed, and if the data shows that speeds are high, we can look to deploy a Speed Visor that can help to change driver behaviour. The data will also be available to share with Bovis Homes and their independent Road Safety Audit team when assessing the safety of the road in the future.

Cllr Brian Hopkinson and Sanjay Shambhu
Cllr Jo Buddharaju

Cllr Jo Buddharaju said,

Brian, Sanjay, and I have been working on this issue for months to organise traffic calming measures at Borkley Street. I welcome this important next step and look forward to implementation of necessary measures to reduce speeding .”

Long Leaze Road resurfacing and streetlights

Many residents have contacted us about the poor state of Long Leaze. We have agreed on a timescale with Bovis. The road will be resurfaced within 6 weeks. Bovis have said that there are some technical complexities on this road which is the reason for a longer timeframe. Long leaze will also see new street lights installed during the same duration.

Cllrs Brian Hopkinson and Sanjay Shambhu at Long Leaze Road
Cllr Jo Buddharaju at Long Leaze Road

Cllr Brian Hopkinson said,

“Residents in Charton Hayes have been patient and public infrastructure must take priority. I am pleased that in recent time Bovis have delivered infrastructure as per committed timescale e.g. Manaell Road reopening. I hope that Long Leaze will be delivered as per the agreed timescale.”

Anti-social behaviour

We are pleased to confirm that we have been successful in securing elevated patroling for Long Leaze Road. We have also been reassured that the cases have been thoroughly assessed and additional policing slots have been allocated to Charlton Hayes to inspire public confidence.

Cllr Sanjay Shambhu said,

“I am grateful to the local policing team who have been fantastic in looking into the escalation. Our Police & Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford phoned me last week and expressed his support to reduce anti-social behaviour.”
File photo: Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford volunteering in Patchway

Mark Shelford, Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner said,

“Charlton Hayes is a thriving new community and we need to ensure that the community is empowered in the right direction from the start. Anti-social behavour has no spce in our communities. I have full confidence that with elavated patrolling these potential issues are duly prevented.”

Passage Road street lights

Based on complaints from many residents in Cribbs Causeway, SGC officers, Cllr Toby Savage (Leader of the SGC), Cllr Buddharaju, Hopkinson, and Shambhu have worked with Persimson to employ temporary street lights making the pathways safer.

Temporary lights installed at Passage Road

We can confirm that these new street lights have been installed and are fully operational.

Charlton Hayes Parish

The campaign for Charlton Hayes Parish has entered the final stage. South Glos Council have opened a formal consultation which would eventually become a vehicle to formalize the creation of our Parish, if successful. I urge everyone to respond to the consultation and support it. You can submit your support comments via this link: https://consultations.southglos.gov.uk/CharltonHayes/consultationHome.

Labour party and some independents are spreading misinformation about Callicroft, Ashford, and Hazeldene becoming part of Charlton Hayes. Having reviewed the official consultations, we can confirm that these streets are not part of official consultations by South Gloucestershire Council.

Cllr Sanjay Shambhu did express support for these streets joining Charlton Hayes Parish as it makes geographical sense. However, based on representations made by many residents this support has been withdrawn. Cllr Sanjay Shambhu said,

“I am aware of concerns raised by dozens of residents across Patchway against Callicroft, Ashford and Hazeldene joining the proposed Charlton Hayes Council in the last few weeks. These streets are some of the oldest and hold historical significance for age-old Charlton hamlet and Patchway. Having accepted representations, I am withdrawing my support from these streets joining the new Parish. I know this will be disappointing for some residents (from Callicroft, Hazeldene & Ashford) who wanted to be part of the new Parish.
“The official South Gloucestershire Charlton Hayes Parish consultation only includes new build houses in Charlton Hayes and Brabazon. The above streets were never part of the official proposal.
“I wholeheartedly support the creation of a new Parish for Charlton Hayes and I invite everyone living in Charlton Hayes to participate in the consultation.”

Skinnerscroft Park Swings Repaired

We are pleased to confirm that Skinnerscroft children’s swings have been repaired. Thank you to those who raised their concerns.