Early this month, I attended the Conservative National Convention at the party conference where I met many national leaders including our home secretary Rt. Hon. Priti Patel. Please see below an update on local issues related to Charlton Hayes, Patchway and Cribbs causeway. If you need support on a matter of concern then please get in touch via email or via the contact form on my website (https://sanjayshambhu.com/contact/).

Airfield Development Public Events

South Glos Community Engagement Forum and YTL are running popup meetings about Brabazon master plan. If you are interested then please join one of these events on Tuesday 9th November at 1:30-2:30 pm / 6:00 – 7:00pm. The presentation provides insight into housing, arena, new roads, transport and many other aspects. Joining instructions are below.

Meeting 1: 1:30pm on 9thNovember 2021 pm, please click MS teams link: Click here to join the New Vision for Brabazon Masterplan Pop Up Meeting- afternoon  

Meeting 2: 6:00pm on 9thNovember 2021 pm, please click MS teams link below: Click here to join the New vision for Brabazon Masterplan Pop Up Meeting- evening

Wood Street and Boulevard Junction Resurfacing and Roundabout

Most of you would have already seen that Wood Street and Boulevard junction are now fully paved. This looks great and this is one of the few development where Bovis have delivered the project as per their committed plan. We have received many concerns about the junction not painted as a roundabout which causes confusion to motorists. We will be raising our concerns with SGC about the lack of roundabout.

Charlton Hayes Parish Consultation

The campaign for Charlton Hayes Parish has entered the final stage of consultation. South Glos Council have opened a formal consultation which would eventually become vehicle to formalize the creation of our Parish, if successful. Similar consultations are being run for a few other areas within South Glos. I urge everyone to respond to the campaign and support it. You can submit your support comments via this link: https://consultations.southglos.gov.uk/CharltonHayes/consultationHome. You are welcome to use some or all wordings from my submission which is outlined below:

Letter of support for Charlton Hayes Parish:

“Dear South Glos Council team,
Many thanks for starting this consultation based on the campaign organised by Cllrs Jo Buddharaju, Brian Hopkinson an me (Sanjay Shambhu). I agree with the proposal to create a new parish council for Charlton Hayes. The boundary should include:
all current and future dwellings in Charlton Hayes.
– all current and future dwellings between Charlton Hayes and current Filton Town Council boundary.
– Brabazon development and Airfield YTL developments
– Reason for including the above as part of Charlton Hayes is that these are or will constitute new houses, and residents face similar challenges with local infrastructure.
I also support that Callicroft Road, Hazeldene and Ashford Road should be included in the proposed Parish as these form close geographical boundary with Charlton Hayes, making all dwellings south of Highwood Road to become constituent part of the new Parish Council. Many residents have spoken to me that Callicroft Road should be part of the proposed Charlton Hayes Parish Council.
I am also in favor of proposed number of 7 seven councillors which keeps the numbers to reasonable size.
Kind regards,
Cllr Sanjay Shambhu”

Street Camera Scheme

In our last newsletter, we requested residents to submit interests for community camera scheme. Many thanks to those who have expressed interest to join the scheme. We are pleased to confirm that we will be taking up this project forward. Although, we are a bit disappointed that residents at The Close haven’t come forward as they were the one who originally asked for it. We will be door knocking The Close and hopefully they take up the offer. We will come back once we finalised details around it.

Skinnerscroft Park Swing

The swing at the Skinnerscroft park had to be cut open to safeguard a user. Bovis have informed us that new swings will be installed on Fri 24 Sep 2021. However due to supply issue it couldn’t be done. I have now escalated it and we hope that it should be brought to full service soon.

Mansell Road is Now Open

We are pleased to confirm that Mansell Road is now open. This is another example where Bovis have shown some fundamental change in meeting the committed deadline. The road is not fully paved however, it’s big relief as it decongests traffic and allows children quicker access to parks and school.

Borkley Street Speeding

We have received several dozen emails asking us to campaign for reducing speed on Borkley Street. We have been awaiting resurfacing and installation of basic traffic calming measures before we could start a campaign for speed-breakers. We have already done a private consultation in 2019, which overwhelming supported speed-breakers. However, many people did object to it. Due to recent accidents, we have asked the head of safety to install speed tracking device. The tracking device provides valuable insight on motorists driving behaviour, which can be used to justify speed-breaker(s). We are concerned that lack of traffic calming measures are causing accidents and anxiety among residents.

Travellers by the Hayes Way

Travellers’ caravan by Hayes Way

There were many travellers with caravan camps by Hayes Way last month. We challenged them and they promptly left the site. Based on lessons learned from previous incursions, now we are recommending legal action from day one of a traveller camp arrival.

Street Lights Medlar Close

Medlar Close have no streets lights for last seven years. We are running a campaign to to install street lights. We request your support when the petition is launched.

Street Lights Passage Road

Many residents invited the leader of South Glos Council Cllr Toby Savage and us to raise concerns about lack of street lights. We are running a campaign to to install street lights. We request your support when the petition is launched.

Oak Leaze Street Light

We are working with Bovis to get several street lights fixed. If you know of any other street lights which is not functional then please let us know via email or via the contact form on my website (https://sanjayshambhu.com/contact/).

Dog Mess

Bovis have informed us that a small number of dog walkers are throwing dog wastes at a few locations regularly. This is causing a maintenance overhead as well as environmental issues for residents. I urge all dog owners to please refrain from dropping waste on side streets, and use the waste bins. We now have about two dozen waste bins. If any resident feel that we need more waste bins then please drop us a message via email or via the contact form on my website (https://sanjayshambhu.com/contact/). We have been tough with Bovis, however we also need to be a responsible citizen.

Road Cracks – Oak Leaze

There is a road crack in Oak Leaze and we have escalated it with Bovis for repair. They have been very slow on this and we have increased urgency to fix it.

Anti-social Behaviour – Long Leaze Sports Facilities

Avon & Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford (second from right) with local councillors Brian Hopkinson (right) and Sanjay Shambhu (left) during a street cleanup at Callicroft Road. [File Photo: Charlton & Cribbs Conservatives]

Many of you have contacted us about anti-social behaviour at the Long Leaze sports facilities. We have been in contact with local police and patrolling have slightly increased. We aren’t happy with the current level of patrolling in Charlton Hayes. We have also met the Avon &Somerset Police & Crime Commissioner Mark Shelford, and we have requested for more patrolling at sensitive times during half-term.

Road Crossing A4018 near Dick Lovett

Many residents have raised concerns about high speed of cars near Dick Lovett making it dangerous for residents to cross the road. We are launching a formal petition urging South Glos Council to include a road crossing on its work plan.

Residents Only Parking Sign – Oak Leaze

Part of Oak Leaze have faced persistent parking issues due to visitors blocking residents’ cars. We are working on to organise additional signage at this location.

Noise Pollution between Ford and Nissan Garages

Many residents have complained about high level of noise pollution between Ford and Nissan garages. We are working with South Glos Council to employ traffic calming measures so that motorist make use of eco-friendly driving behaviour.