Hazeldene Road Resurfacing

We are pleased to confirm that road resurfacing work have now commenced at Hazeldene Road, Patchway. Initially, the road will be resurfaced and thereafter any pre-approved markings shall be added. It was a hard fought work by us as there were limited funds available. The road had numerous potholes and many residents have raised their concerns it to us.

Hazeldene Road resurfacing work in progress

Passage Road, Cribbs Causeway

Many residents from Passage Road and surrounding streets requested us to help prevent rat running on their streets. As a result, in 2018 we led a petition campaign to prevent rat running at Passage Road. Many vehicles traveling on A4018 are currently allowed to enter the residential area creating traffic and pollution. Rat running prevention work was approved last year and now it is being fully implemented. There are still auxiliary construction work in progress which might take longer than anticipated, once it’s all complete we hope residents would enjoy quieter streets.

Long Leaze Road, Charlton Hayes

We have received several case-works urging to expedite full resurfacing of Long Leaze. We have escalated it to Bovis, and they informed us that they were awaiting landscaping approval from South Gloucestershire Council. I have spoken to concerned SGC team, who have now provided necessary approvals to Bovis. Now Bovis have confirmed that they are working on to slot necessary resources to complete resurfacing. Once we receive a confirmed date, we will publish it.

Charlton Boulevard and Wood Street Junction

The junction at Charlton Boulevard and Wood Street experienced major roadworks a few weeks ago causing significant inconvenience to local residents. I have been in regular contact with Bovis to reduce impact on local residents. The junction has now been partly repaired. Although, it still has some iron work. Full completion of this junction is dependent on Halsall completing the John Sainsbury’s side of work, which is estimated to complete in September. Bovis have confirmed to us that they will commence full resurfacing as soon as Halsall finishes their work.

Charlton Hayes Parish

South Gloucestershire Council have launched a major review of several Parishes and Town Councils. As a result of our campaign Charlton Hayes Parish is part of this review. The next step is that a formal consultation will be launched soon when all residents can submit their views. I urge everyone to submit their support when consultation commences.

Street Camera Scheme

We have received requests from a group of Cribbs Causeway residents to install camera surveillance near their streets. I have also spoken to some residents around Wood Street about fly-tipping hot points, which can be prevented with installation of cameras. As a result, We are in the process of launching a privately-owned community camera safety scheme. We are considering to partly fund the costs of cameras. If you are interested then please drop me a message via the contact form on my website (https://sanjayshambhu.com/contact/).

Street Cleanup Scheme

This year due to covid, we were unable to continue litter pickup. As an alternative, Jo, Brian and I have funded a community cleanup champion scheme. The idea is to distribute litter picker equipments to at least a few households on every street. And thereafter, organise street cleanup days where people can do litter pickup on their own streets, and we will organise with SGC to collect litter from a few places where collected litter can be dropped. Many residents have already signed-up, I encourage you to please join. You can access the scheme via this link: https://www.patchwaytowncouncil.gov.uk/volunteers

Funding Available for Local Community

We are always looking for good community ideas to fund from our member awarded funds (MAF). So if you have an idea small or big that needs a jump start then please get in touch with us via email or via the contact form on my website (https://sanjayshambhu.com/contact/).

Skinnerscroft Park Swings

Skinerscroft Park swing has been removed

We are aware that one of the swings at the Skinnerscroft Park has been removed. We have escalated it and we are trying it get resurrected as soon as possible.

Mansell Road, Charlton Hayes

Many residents have asked us to expedite re-opening of Mansell Road. We have requested Bovis to provide us a planned opening date and if its too late then we will work to secure earliest reopening.