Today the Charlton and Cribbs Conservatives team announced their positive plan for Charlton Hayes, Patchway and Cribbs Causeway.

Click here to read our positive plan.

Some of the main pledges for Patchway area:

  1. A Review of the Highwood Road closure
  2. Corruption free Patchway Town Council
  3. A solution to parking issues in Patchway
  4. Delivery of a new Community Centre in Patchway
  5. Delivery of new sports facilities in Scotts Park 

Key pledges for Charlton Hayes:

  1. Keep Charlton Boulevard open 
  2. Provide a GP surgery for Charlton Hayes, to ensure health services keep pace with the new housing
  3. Extend Patchway Town Council Litter Picker service to Charlton Hayes
  4. Bring forward early adoption of roads and street lights by South Gloucestershire Council.

Excerpts from Cribbs Causeway pledges:

  1. Prevent rat-running on Passage Road
  2. Road resurfacing across Cribbs Causeway
  3. Pelican crossing on A4018 for bus users in Cribbs Causeway
  4. Signal review on Lysander Road
  5. Improved Street Care services and timely bin collection.